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Nice area for you to sit and relax maybe watch TV or 

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Brow Bar

In need of an emergency brow wax or perhaps you’re looking to pamper yourself with the full works? Whatever the occasion, visit the us. Choose from threading, waxing, tinting and even bespoke brows with our brow specialists



Laser hair removal is an effective and popular solution to unwanted body hair as it removes the need to wax, thread or pluck the hairs.

Our skin experts are medically trained to provide laser hair removal treatments and your practitioner will always carry out a patch test on your skin to ensure you are suitable for the treatment.  We will never begin laser hair removal without this important safety step. Thankfully modern laser technology can be easily adjusted to make it safe for every shade of skin, from very fair, to very dark.

The lasers we use for this treatment are precise enough to treat hairs virtually anywhere on the body Your practitioner will be able to assess the area you want to be treated during your free initial consultation. 

With the brand new i-cycle freeze technology, you will experience virtually no pain and have excellent results. 


 beauty experience is one not to be missed, with our stunning nail bar and our luxurious  relaxing treatment rooms we can look after all your beauty needs. Our beauty consultants have expert knowledge and know how to deliver outstanding results. Your beauty goals are achievable with us, so book today for a consultation with one of our experts.


Kailey's hairdressing gives you the very best of hairdressers from across Birmigham. We have cherry picked stylists to suit your every need with specialists in all areas. No job is too big, all your hair dreams can be achieved with our team and luxury products! Not only do we want you to look amazing but your hair will feel fantastic too.


From colour specialists to session styling and hair extensions, Kailey's will deliver exactly what you need.


Our specialist colour team will deliver a bespoke service dedicated to your colour needs. To achieve the absolute best colour available to you we recommend you book in with your chosen stylist for a consultation first. All colour treatments require a patch test prior to your colour at the salon.


Our colour specialists will talk you through the range of colour options available to you


Balayage – meaning to paint the colour directly on the hair and sweep up to the root.

Ombre – to saturate the ends of the hair a different colour to the roots

Highlight – traditional foils that create colour right up to the root

Combo colour – a blend of all over